Ice Grips-Ice Shoes-SnowShoes

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Ice Grips also known as ice shoes or snowshoes

Dont get caught out this Winter. Make sure you have our ice grips or snowshoes to give you extra traction on the snow and ice. Ice grips and ice shoes are a fantastic product to help prevent falls during the cold weather. These ice shoes and ice grips will give you extra support in the frost and snow and are available in both Ireland and the UK.

  • Ice Grips/ice shoes/snowshoes
  • Designed for flat shoes
  • Effective traction on ice and packed snowIce Grips
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Store in pocket, handbag or glove box
  • Ideal for walking to work, shopping etc
  • Easy to fit
  • Simply stretch over your shoe
  • Small non-slip studs ensure great grip
  • Made from strong rubber to stretch over the shoe, with small non-slip studs for great grip
  • Available in two sizes
  • Medium (UK 3-6 EU 35-39) Large (UK 6-10 EU 39-45)
  • Order in Ireland and the UK

Order your Ice Grips/Snowshoes/Ice Shoes in Ireland and UK Now for only €12 were €17.95 saving you €5.95

Ice Shoes/Snowshoes/Ice Grips

We all remember last Winter and i think most of us know someone who had a nasty fall due to the ice and snow. Dont get caught out again and purchase snowshoesyour snowshoes or ice shoes now at this fantastic low price. Ice grips and snow shoes can be a fantastic gift to someone you know and of course it has a very practical use as well. These ice grips/ice shoes are very easy to put on and take off and the showshoes are easily stored in your pocket or glove compartment. Make sure you have your ice shoes or ice grips with you at all times.


Other Winter Products

Draught Excluder

stop those cold draughts

Draught excluder not only stop those nasty breezes under the door but will also help to reduce energy costs as cold breezes are kept out,hence keeping in the heat.


Tap Jacket

keep your taps from freezing

Help prevent your outside tap from freezing over this winter with this easy to install tap jacket.


Windscreen Frost Cover

prevent windscreen from frostEasy to install with suction cups to hold in place.Will help prevent your windscreen from freezing over this winter




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