Avon Cosmetics Ireland

Avon Cosmetics ceases trading in Ireland

Avon Cosmetics announced yesterday that it was ceasing trading in the Republic of Ireland with immediate effect saying that operations in smaller countries were to be scaled back or closed as quoted by the company

Avon Cosmetics Ireland

Avon Cosmetics Ireland ceases trading on April 8th 2013

“The latest actions include a global headcount reduction of more than 400 associates across all regions and functions, and the restructuring or closure of certain smaller, under performing markets, primarily in Europe, Middle East and Africa, including the exit of the Republic of Ireland market.

“These actions, like those previously announced, are aimed at boosting efficiencies and concentrating resources on high-priority markets and activities. The company expects these actions to be largely completed before the end of 2013.”

Avon Ireland

Avon has been operating in Ireland for 20 years but cut positions as part of its restructuring.

New York-based Avon characterized the latest actions as a bid to take the focus off certain smaller, under performing markets and instead concentrate on high-priority markets. It didn’t detail which markets in the EMEA region it is closing or restructuring.

Avon expects the moves to be largely completed before the end of the year. The company will take charges of $35 million to $40 million before taxes, about $20 million of which will be recorded in the first quarter. It expects the changes to generate about $45 million to $50 million in annualized savings, when fully implemented. Avon has about 39,100 employees, according to FactSet.

“We continue to work aggressively toward turning around the business,” Ms. McCoy said, noting the steps outlined Monday take the door-to-door cosmetics vendor closer to its goal to cut $400 million in costs by 2016.
Extract from Wall Street Journal


Avon Cosmetics Ireland

With the announcement that Avon Ireland has ceased trading it is expected that up to 5000 “Avon ladies” will be affected. For a lot of women this is their only source of income, perhaps operating it around a family which requires flexible hours. These people are deemed to be self employed and as such are not entitled to any severance payment such as redundancy.

This of course will come as a massive blow to these representatives of Avon Ireland who were given no hint or warning at all, that such an event was about to take place. It will push many families into further financial difficulties, unless they are able to find an alternative way of making money to make ends meet.

As the Avon Cosmetics name is so well known and widespread, im sure all of us know someone who has been affected by this corporate decision.

Avon Cosmetics

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